Friday, 29 September 2017

I can Create a proposal we can include our cultural narrative at Oaklands

Write an effective argument for our chosen political party.

Have you seen the voting paper, if not get you voting paper today.
I think that all of the parties are good but the best for me personally is Green. Greens is promising that they can make it safer for kids to walk and cycle home from school, but Labour has promised to provide school phones for primary and intermediate school student but can they really do that?. Here is some reasons that Greens would be the best political party to vote for.

The first point I would like to talk about is, making all rivers and lakes safer for swimming
It is good because it means that people will be able to swim in the rivers and lakes without getting sick. So it's a better and safer environment. It will help the fish stay alive and then when we are fishing we won’t get sick from eating them. It is good to have a safe environment but it is also good to be safe when you are walking and cycling home from school.

The second point I would like to talk about is, make it safer for kids to walk and cycle home
It will be better if we made it safer for kids to walk and cycle home from school so then we won’t have parents wondering where their kids are. It is better for your health because it gives you exercise and it helps you parents save money and fuel, from driving to school. It makes it better for everyone because it helps you and your parents save time and money from driving to school and then to work, and home again. It is good to have health benefits but it is good to have freshwater for drinking and swimming in.

The third point I would like to talk about is, establish a Prime Minister for freshwater
It will helps us be able to drink more water from places without getting an illness and to keep us safe and healthy. It is good to have freshwater because we need the water to stay alive and healthy. It will be good because then we will have fresh water to drink and to keep us healthy and help us survive a dry spell. There is good things for your idea and thing against your idea.

The fourth point I would like to talk about is, train teachers on sexual orientation and gender identity
Because it is easier if we just have female teachers teaching girls and male teachers to teach boys. It would be weird if girls thought boys about you now what and it would be weird if boys taught girls about you know what. If I was teaching girls and I was a boy and talking about sexual stuff I would feel weird and if I was a girl and I was teaching boys I would feel gross. It is good to have good things about your ideas and bad thing and you always need a conclusion to wrap it up.

And this is my Conclusion
This is all for now but if you don’t know who to vote for I would suggest you vote for Greens to make the world a better place. I believe that Greens are the right party for the job and they can help the community and the whole of the south island. The main reason that I would vote Greens is because Greens is the ones whose I belive in to make the country a better place. Is Green's the best for the job? In my opinion, yes Greens is the best for the spot, and if you have not voted then vote Green to make the world a better place.

My next steps are:
  • To make it sound more like a real agreement
  • Make sure my writing has the correct punctuation

Friday, 22 September 2017

Koru Games Reflection

In the Koru Games the sport I competed in was… Vollyball

Our team won… 6 games

I found the experience to be fun because we did better then last year.

In terms of working with Individuals and Groups; my solo level is… Extended Abstract because… If we either won or lost we would still be happy with the results with what we got.

For Teamwork; my solo level is Extended Abstract because we worked as a team and in the end we did better then last year.

Individuals and groups
I need help to work in a group (with teachers or other students
I can work in a group with my friends.
I can work in a group with anyone in my  year level or team  

I can respond positively to the needs of others
I can reflect on how well I work with the group and seek feedback on how I can improve

I need help to interact with others.

I need help to participate in a team.
I can interact with others one to one.

I can participate in a team.
I can interact with others in a small group.

I can participate and take responsibility in a team.

I can participate and take responsibility in a team and explain my choices in terms of team outcomes.
I can participate in creating healthy teams by taking responsibility and critical action.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Peer Mediation #3

                                                             Peer Mediation

Today Brook and I had peer mediation. It was pretty good because we had no problems witch therefore we just walked around to see for any problems that could have happened and not waned to come up to us. The leadership trait I showed was Resilient because I was honest and strong when things got boring, The CARE value I showed was Active Thinking because I was Actively thinking when I got bored.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Reading - Evaluate Texts

Evaluate Texts Blog Post template

In reading we have been learning to….Apply some criteria to evaluate texts e.g accuracy of information and presence of bias.

We have been evaluating texts against the following four criteria:
  1. Readability
  2. Accuracy
  3. Relevance
  4. Quality of language/ information.

These documents show evidence of my learning during this unit:

  Describing Authors Purpose

 Criteria to Evaluate texts

Evaluating A Range of texts

My Next Step: Is to continue to apply this new knowledge and evaluate texts as I read them, checking for readability, accuracy, relevance and quality of language/ information

Extended Abstract Task- Maths

I can apply the strategy to problem solving questions

Please complete these two problems. You will need to explain how you got the answer.

Question 1
In our household, there are twice as many cats as humans, with sixty legs in total.

How many cats are there to be fed? 12
6 + 6 =12 human legs
12 x 4 = 48 cat legs
48 + 12 = 60

Question 2
Three men run a business together.
The proportion of the profit they each get at the end of the month is based on the proportion of the funds they have invested in the business.
The April profit is shared out so that Al gets one third, Bob gets one half and Chuck gets one sixth.
In May, Des joins the group, investing half as much as Bob invested.
What share of the profit can Des expect to get?
Al= ⅓ 2/6
Bob= ½ 3/6
Chuck= ⅙

Des= ¼